The Tooth Company Kids provides a full range of Orthodontic treatments provided by our own in house specialist Orthodontist Dr Tania Hetz at The Tooth Company Orthodontics (Smales Farm Only).

The Tooth Company Kids is the only practice in New Zealand to have a full team of dentists, therapists, a specialist orthodontist and a specialist paediatric dentist all working together. This collaborative approach gives your children the best possible start to their dentistry.

Orthodontics is a complex field of dentistry and is best performed by a specialist who has undergone specialized full time training.

We recommend for kids to see an Orthodontist from the age of 6. Some orthodontic conditions require early intervention so early diagnosis is very important. The Orthodontist will then see your child annually, monitoring their growth patterns until they feel your child is ready for braces. The common ages for treatment are 12-13 for girls and 13-14 for boys.


The length of treatment depends on how much tooth movement is required to straighten your teeth. On average most cases are completed with in 24 months. Age also influences the length of treatment as teeth will move quicker in younger patients.


The cost of Braces is determined by how long the treatment will take, and this is determined by how much tooth movement is required to straighten your teeth.

Traditional braces are the most cost effective solution and there is additional costs if you wish to have the bracket of the braces tooth colored.

On average simple cases can start at $4000 and longer complex cases can cost upwards of around $8000. A range of payment options are available.

The first step is making an appointment for an Orthodontic Examination with our Specialist Orthodontist – Dr Tania Hetz to determine the correct treatment plan to straighten your teeth. The cost for an initial orthodontic examination is $250.