General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia is used for Paediatric Dental Patients when conventional dental treatment is not an option. This is for children who are unable to cooperate, are extremely fearful, anxious, or uncommunicative or require significant surgical procedures.

All treatment performed under GA is performed by our specialist paediatric dentist in a specially designed dental theatre.

General anaesthesia means that your child is fully asleep.

Fasting is an important part of general anaesthesia. The paediatric dentist/ nurses will advise you regarding the fasting instructions. Not fasting may compromise and endanger the recovery of your child post-operatively.

Please be aware that your child will need close supervision after the procedure and a day’s rest after the sedation. Avoid outdoor activities (e.g. running around , sports or swimming) on this particular day.

Fee structure for general anaesthesia:

The fee structure is based on the following,

Dental fee: includes the cost for the work (filling, extractions, prevention) done on the teeth, materials used etc.

Theatre fee: the time taken for the procedure

Anaesthetist fee: based on the time taken from the start of the procedure to the end

The average time taken for comprehensive dental care under GA is around 1.5 hours.