Hypomineralised Teeth Management

What are hypomineralised teeth ?

Enamel hypomineralisation is a developmental defect of the enamel and this is due to decrease in the mineral content of the enamel. This can affect the teeth from mild forms through to severe hypomineralisation. The mild form usually presents with discoloration and minimal sensitivity , whereas teeth affected with severe hypomineralisation often break down and crumble as they erupt into the mouth resulting in complaints of sensitivity, pain and avoidance of cold foods and drinks. Hypominerlised tooth structure is at more risk of developing decay.

How do we manage hypomineralised teeth ?

In Mild Forms of Hypominerlisation – the lost mineral content can be reinstated through the use of remineralising agents such as tooth mouse. Dentists can also help infiltrate these agents using special techniques.

In moderate to severe forms of Hypomineralistion at times fillings are required if the tooth structure breaks down or decays – and sometimes crowns are required. In very extreme cases teeth need to be removed. This is done in conjunction with a specialist orthodontist who can advise on the possible implications of early removal.